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Forged Alchemy of Me

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Hello! Welcome to my Blog-World, where you’ll find inspired growth to connect with your best self.

Formerly known as Creative Processes, The Dot Maven is the evolution of myself and my business. I help you find your inner self and strengths, connecting with the light inside you and finding the steps to your unique and authentic path and purpose. My passion and mission are helping you find your way home.

I help you find your way home.

I love etymology:

Forge – shape and work by heating and hammering

Alchemy – transformation of matter – metals to gold

Finding my path wasn’t exactly straightforward. It was forged, and sometimes it felt quite literally beaten and pruned through years of life experiences. Through them all, I’ve learned how to transform into myself, and my mission is helping you do the same – hopefully with a little less time and struggle.

A Life coach for your Life Purpose

You may be curious as to exactly how I do this. I offer one-on-one concierge coaching sessions and downloadable/printable resources. I have developed a 5-step framework (ARMIA) that has been tested and proven over the years to maximize results with clients. I can’t do the work for you, but I support you 100% through the process.

It's all about the connections.

So why me? Lots of people help others online. That is a great thing! Honestly, the more helpers, the merrier. I could point to my credentials, my education, my years of experience, background (I’ll share those at the end in case you want to know about them). While these things add to my credibility, research shows that what makes the most difference in your results is the relationship you have with the person working with you. So when asked why me, choose me if I seem like someone with whom you would want to work. Give it a try. If it is not a good fit, let me know, and I will gladly help connect you with a better fit. It is all about the connections. I do not just help you connect the dots to make sense of your lived experiences, but to connect with resources that will be most beneficial to you.

Are you ready to find your best self?

Here at The Dot Maven, you’ll find:

Concierge personalized coaching so that my clients can experience everything I have to offer

A shop supplementing your progress and inspired growth.

A creative overflow from my work with others, including coloring books for mindfulness, digital content, and AI artwork.

How does a blog fit into the process? That’s the fun part! The blog is all about everything I do and the various facets of my work with people. You can find out if I’m a person you’d like to work with by getting to know me in the blog. You can also find ways to use the resources I have or learn tips and tricks as well by reading it; check in from time to time. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter - it's coming soon! - so you don’t miss a thing (and get exclusive discounts)!

One more THing, About Heather

My background is as a licensed professional counselor and a certified life coach. I hold a master of arts in community counseling and a doctorate in psychology. I’ve worked on this path since 1998. For the first decade of my career, I focused on working with children; this last decade, I’ve focused on working with adults. ​ Now I am formally transitioning into coaching full-time. I help in the gap between thriving and surviving. Throughout my career, I’ve honed in on my most adept skillset, my passions, and which clients I enjoy and can create the best results for.

I help in the gap between thriving and surviving.

I’m passionate about helping you connect with your spark. I support you through your phases of life to grow and develop into your best self. Life can be challenging. I am here to help you connect the dots through the process and step confidently into your unique and authentic purpose. My journey has been one of personal growth and transformation, and I credit my success to my faith and the mindfulness practices I teach. My life experience has helped me develop the empathy and compassion necessary to excel at my work. I believe that everyone has the potential to lead happy and fulfilling lives; I am passionate about helping you find peace and happiness.

Life can be challenging. I am here to help you connect the dots through the process and step confidently into your unique and authentic purpose.

If you want to find out more, browse the site!

Do you have questions? Drop me a message.

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