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Heather WhIte 

Reconnect With Who You Are Created To Be

Expert Dot Connector and idea Generator

Using modern psychology and ancient wisdom to help you blend analytical and creative processes to live an inspired vibrant and fulfilled life. 

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Work with Heather

Concierge one-on-one coaching sessions reigniting your inner spark


Heather's Superpower is connecting you with yours!

When you feel disconnected or like something is missing - Heather is your go-to expert at connecting the dots to make sense of the pieces illuminating the meaning behind experiences. She uses biblical scripture and Enneagram/MBTI personality exploration to tap into the essence of who you truly are. Her passion is connections - and her mission is to help you embrace yourself and step confidently into your unique and authentic purpose.

What Fans Are Saying

She really puts me at ease and makes me feel like it's truly ok to express whatever is on my mind with her and I like that. 

C.A. after working together for 2 weeks 2021

I would recommend Dr. Bryant to others. She is very responsive and she listens to what I am saying, I enjoy talking with her. I feel safe in
sharing private circumstances with her. She is supportive and helps me to work through my confusing thoughts.

V.I. after 2 weeks working together 2021

Feeling like the mountain of issues of which have accumulated ,were to many. Which would I even
choose. She has helped me feel at ease. Our sessions have been light hearted yet impactful ,toward progress. I feel heard by her. 

S.T. after 1 month working together 2021

Dr. Bryant is all about progress identifying and tackling issues head on. Very empathetic and insightful. and
committed to ensuring that I have all the tools that she can provide to help me in my journey. I'm very pleased that I am working with Dr. Bryant she is a huge asset.

T.A. after working together for 2 weeks 2021

"Thanks so much our session really helped and now I have a lot of tools I will start putting in place."

K.R. - 2022

She been really great. She makes me feel comfortable and give me good tools to use.

C.H. after working together for 3 weeks 2021

She's so great. Period. That's all there is to say. Advice is great and she understands me well. She never judges me and makes that very well
known. 10/10 recommend.

K.A.after 2 weeks working together 2021

Heather is amazing. She offers excellent resources and support. She is empathic, understanding and is easy to talk to. I highly recommend all of her services. You are sure to learn and grow in positive ways.

L.N. - 2022

has been amazing for me. The first step in the right direction.
I needed this, more than typing letters can adequately
express. :)"

L.S. - 2022

Dr. Bryant is very thoughtful, professional, and kind. She also makes me laugh which is much needed. I
really enjoy our conversations and look forward to my responses from her and my live sessions!

T.S. after working together for 2 weeks 2021

"Heather is an excellent life coach- she listens well, offers creative and solid counsel & ideas to help deal with specific needs, and is generous with her resources. I highly recommend Heather"

S.S. - 2022

"I really appreciate your care and concern, not just as a mental health professional but for my overall well-being. It's one of the reasons I'm so thankful for your

R.M. - 2022